Decal Hints & Tips

Wall Decal Hints & Tips

Our decals are a super easy way to update any space - they are really easy to use and can be removed from most surfaces without leaving a trace. Use them on walls, doors and even furniture across your home. We have a huge range of designs and are always keen to expand our collection so do get in touch if you would like to discuss a custom order.

Before Use

Before using any of our decals, make sure your surface is clean and dry and has not been painted or treated recently, you should allow at least 4-6 weeks for the paint to cure.

Using Your Decals

If you have an A4 sheet of decals, they simply peel off the sheet and can be stuck to your wall or surface in the design or pattern you wish. If the decal is proving tricky to peel off, use something small and pointy, such as a cocktail stick, to get right under it. If you don't want the decals to stay up for too long (for example, seasonal door decals), remove some of the adhesive by sticking them to clothing a few times, this makes them easier to move around too.

Word Decals & Storage Labels

If you have a short word decal, or a set of storage labels, there are a few steps you should follow:

1 - Ensure the surface is clean and dry.

2 - Remove the backing from your decal, making sure the word remains on the sticky transfer tape.

3 - Place the transfer tape, sticky side down, on to your surface.

4 - Using something with a defined edge, such as a credit card, rub the decal onto the surface, making sure you try to stick the edges of the word down as you go. You can also use the pads of your fingers for the smaller storage labels.

5 - Folding the transfer tape back on itself, slowly peel away the tape leaving behind the decal. You may need to press the decal down as you go as some lifting may occur. Patience is key so make sure you take your time to press each part of the decal down as you go.

6 - Once you have removed the tape, gently rub the decal and make sure all the edges are stuck down properly.

7 - Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Liberty Fabric Decals

These decals are a little different to our vinyl ones. They are made from genuine Liberty of London fabric and require a little more care to get the best from them. 

1 - Rather than being on a sheet, each decal is individual and each piece of backing paper will need to be removed before they can be used. The easiest way to do this is to gently peel the fabric back on itself using your fingers.

2 - The adhesive can be quite strong, so we recommend sticking the decal to something before you place it on the wall - sticking it to your clothing a few times is ideal. This will remove some of the adhesive, making it easier to move the decals around until you get the right look and without risking damage to the fabric.


Our decals will simply peel off when you fancy a change. If you are finding them a little tricky to remove, you can warm them up with a hairdryer first - this melts the adhesive backing making it easier to peel them off. Something pointy, such as a cocktail stick, is also handy to get right under the edges too.

If you wish to keep your decals once you have removed them, make sure you keep hold of the backing paper.

If you are concerned about damaging paintwork, we suggest testing the decals on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Finally, we love to see your decals in your homes - please tag us in your Instagram posts!